Jesus’ Bestowal on Earth

On August 21, 7 B.C. at Noon, the Creator Son of our universe bestowed Himself as a human child on this world and became known as Joshua ben Joseph (Jesus) “The Son of Man.”  His human purpose was primarily to:

1. End the Lucifer rebellion
2. Reflect the perfection of the Unseen Father
3. Impart the knowledge that each one on earth is a child of God
4. Reveal and establish the administration of the universe, the so called Kingdom of God (The Brotherhood of Men based on the Fatherhood of God)
5. Carry out the will of His and our Father
6. Send forth His Spirit of Truth into all men and women upon His departure

On April 7, 30 A.D. Friday, He was murdered for His mission and actions.  Mortal man was never the property of the archdeceivers. Jesus did not die to ransom man from the clutch of the apostate rulers and fallen princes of the spheres. The Father in heaven never conceived of such crass injustice as damning a mortal soul because of the evil-doing of his ancestors. Neither was the Master’s death on the cross a sacrifice which consisted in an effort to pay God a debt which the race of mankind had come to owe him.

Never permit yourself for one moment to believe the Scripture records which tell you that the God of love directed your forefathers to go forth in battle to slay all their enemies — men, women, and children. The Scriptures contain much that is true, very much, but know that these writings also contain much that is misrepresentative of the Father in heaven, the loving God that Jesus came to reveal.2409355


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