Prophecies for America and Jews in the Last Days

“Behold, we have written this record according to our knowledge, in the characters which are called among us the reformed Egyptian, being handed down and altered by us, according to our manner of speech. And if our plates had been sufficiently large we should have written in Hebrew; but the Hebrew has been altered by us also; and if we could have written in Hebrew, behold, there would be no imperfection in our record.”
Before the invasion of Israel in 600 B.C., a Hebrew family was warned by God to leave Jerusalem. They sailed to the Americas and built one of the greatest civilizations ever known. This is their story as recorded over 1,000 years and their prophecies for America and the Jews in the Last Days.

“For behold, I am God; and I am a God of miracles; and I will show unto the world that I am the same yesterday, today, and forever; and I work not among the children of men save it be according to their faith.”

And these things are written that we may rid our garments of the blood of our brethren, who have dwindled in unbelief. And behold,these things which we have desired concerning our brethren, yes,even their restoration to the knowledge of Christ, are according tothe prayers of all the saints who have dwelt in the land.  And may the Lord Jesus Christ grant that their prayers may be answered according to their faith; and may God the Father remember the covenant which he has made with the house of Israel; and may he bless them forever, through faith on the name of Jesus Christ.Amen.

But, behold, in the last days, or in the days of the Gentiles–yes,behold all the nations of the Gentiles and also the Jews, both those who shall come upon this land and those who shall be upon other lands, yes, even upon all the lands of the earth, behold, they will be drunken with iniquity and all manner of abominations-
But the Lord knows the things which we have written, and also that none other people knows our language, therefore he has prepared means for the interpretation thereof.

And when that day shall come they shall be visited of the Lord of Hosts, with thunder and with earthquake, and with a great noise, and with storm, and with tempest, and with the flame of devouring fire.

And all the nations that fight against Zion, and that distress her,shall be as a dream of a night vision; yes, it shall be unto them, even as unto a hungry man which dreams, and behold he eats but he awakes and his soul is empty; or like unto a thirsty man which dreams, and behold he drinks but he awakes and behold he is faint, and his soul has appetite; yes, even so shall the multitude of all the nations be that fight against Mount Zion.

For behold, all you that do iniquity, stay yourselves and wonder, for you shall cry out, and cry; yes, you shall be drunken but not with wine, you shall stagger but not with strong drink.

For behold, the Lord has poured out upon you the spirit of deep sleep. For behold, you have closed your eyes, and you have rejected the prophets; and your rulers, and the seers has he covered because of your iniquity.

And it shall come to pass that the Lord God shall bring forth unto you the words of a book, and they shall be the words of them which have slumbered.

And the’ things which shall be written out of the book shall be of great worth unto the children of men, and especially unto our seed,which is a remnant of the house of Israel.

For it shall come to pass in that day that the churches which are built up, and not unto the Lord, when the one shall say unto the other: Behold, I, I am the Lord’s; and the others shall say: I, I am the Lord’s; and thus shall every one say that has built up churches, and not unto the Lord–

And they shall contend one with another; and their priests shall contend one with another, and they shall teach with their learning,and deny the Holy Ghost, which gives utterance.



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