Not every one who says, ‘Lord, Lord,’ shall enter the kingdom of heaven


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Said Jesus ~ “But for you, my children, and for all others who would follow you into this kingdom, there is set a severe test. Faith alone will pass you through its portals, but you must bring forth the fruits of my Father’s spirit if you would continue to ascend in the progressive life of the divine fellowship. Verily, verily, I say to you, not every one who says, ‘Lord, Lord,’ shall enter the kingdom of heaven; but rather he who does the will of my Father who is in heaven.

“Your message to the world shall be: Seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and in finding these, all other things essential to eternal survival shall be secured therewith. And now would I make it plain to you that this kingdom of my Father will not come with an outward show of power or with unseemly…

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The faith of Jesus visualized all spirit values


Faith-800 KINGDOM

The faith of Jesus visualized all spirit values as being found in the kingdom of God; therefore he said, “Seek first the kingdom of heaven.” Jesus saw in the advanced and ideal fellowship of the kingdom the achievement and fulfillment of the “will of God.” The very heart of the prayer which he taught his disciples was, “Your kingdom come; your will be done.” Having thus conceived of the kingdom as comprising the will of God, he devoted himself to the cause of its realization with amazing self-forgetfulness and unbounded enthusiasm. But in all his intense mission and throughout his extraordinary life there never appeared the fury of the fanatic nor the superficial frothiness of the religious egotist.

From “The Book of Jesus”

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Are you a Jesusonian

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“Already” a Jesusonian?

  • I profess my belief in Jesus’ announcement that these ideals of spirit realities are attainable; and that I can enter upon this long and eternal adventure with his assurance of the certainty of my ultimate arrival at the portals of Paradise.
  • I am a believer, I have embarked; I am on my way in this eternal venture. The Master says he came from the Father, and that he will show me the way. I am fully persuaded he speaks the truth. I am convinced that there are no attainable ideals of reality or values of perfection apart from the eternal and Universal Father.
  • I come, then, to worship, not merely the God of existences, but the God of the possibility of all future existences. Therefore must my devotion to a supreme ideal be devotion to this God of past, present, and future universes of things and beings. And there is no other God, for there cannot possibly be any other God. All other gods are figments of the imagination, illusions of mortal mind, distortions of false logic, and the self-deceptive idols of those who create them.
  • I see in the teachings of Jesus, religion at its best. Jesusanity enables me to seek for the true God and to find him.
  • I am willing  to pay the price of this entrance into the kingdom of heaven? I am willing to be born again, to be remade.
  • I am willing to be subject to this terrible and testing process of self destruction and soul reconstruction? The Master said: “Whoso would save his life must lose it. Think not that I have come to bring peace but rather a soul struggle”?
  • I am truly forsaking the lures of the known order of existence while I unreservedly dedicate my quest to the lures of the unknown and unexplored order of the existence of a future life of adventure in the spirit worlds of the higher idealism of divine reality.
  • I seek for those symbols of meaning wherewith to convey to my fellow men and women these concepts of the reality of the idealism of the religion of Jesus, and I will not cease to pray for that day when all mankind shall be thrilled by the communal vision of this supreme truth.
  • My focalized concept of the Father, as held in my heart, is that God is spirit; as conveyed to my fellows, that God is love.

The Archdeceivers


Mortal man was never the property of the archdeceivers. Jesus did not die to ransom man from the clutch of the apostate rulers and fallen princes of the spheres. The Father in heaven never conceived of such crass injustice as damning a mortal soul because of the evil-doing of his ancestors. Neither was the Master’s death on the cross a sacrifice which consisted in an effort to pay God a debt which the race of mankind had come to owe him.

Before Jesus lived on earth, you might possibly have been justified in believing in such a God, but not since the Master lived and died among your fellow mortals. Moses taught the dignity and justice of a Creator God; but Jesus portrayed the love and mercy of a heavenly Father.

The animal nature — the tendency toward evil-doing — may be hereditary, but sin is not transmitted from parent to child. Sin is the act of conscious and deliberate rebellion against the Father’s will and the Sons’ laws by an individual will creature.

Jesus lived and died for a whole universe, not just for the races of this one world

Why make another movie about Jesus?

Why make another movie about Jesus?  Locate a Bible and turn to the few pages in the New Testament containing Jesus’ life on earth; Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. Separate these pages from the rest of the Bible and hold it up with these pages between your thumb and index finger. That’s all we’ve had for 2000 years!  Now compare these few pages with over 700 pages contained in “The Book of Jesus” the actual account of His Life and Teachings as recorded by His Angels and assistants while He was here on earth.
 “There was war in heaven; Michael’s commander and his angels fought against the dragon (Lucifer, Satan, and the apostate princes); and the dragon and his rebellious angels fought but prevailed not.” This “war in heaven” was not a physical battle as such a conflict might be conceived on Earth. In the early days of the struggle Lucifer held forth continuously in the planetary amphitheater. Gabriel conducted an unceasing exposure of the rebel sophistries from his headquarters taken up near at hand. The various personalities present on the sphere who were in doubt as to their attitude would journey back and forth between these discussions until they arrived at a final decision. But this war in heaven was very terrible and very real. While displaying none of the barbarities so characteristic of physical warfare on the immature worlds, this conflict was far more deadly; material life is in jeopardy in material combat, but the war in heaven was fought in terms of life eternal.”
This world has never seriously or sincerely or honestly tried out these dynamic ideas and divine ideals of Jesus’ doctrine of the kingdom of heaven. But you should not become discouraged by the apparently slow progress of the kingdom idea.  Remember that the order of progressive evolution is subjected to sudden and unexpected periodical changes in both the material and the spiritual worlds.

Over the past two years almost 70,000 posts have been made throughout the major social media sites about Jesusanity and the true Teachings of Jesus. Jesusanity is now branded and many lives are changing worldwide. This has been done by a small group of people dedicated to this restatement. Please now help us “Change the World” by participating in the making of His Movie.  What now is needed is to write the script.  Our last resources have been spent meeting with Producers, Directors and Script Writers in Hollywood.

No one there is willing to venture without a script, and no one there can write the script but someone very familiar with the Book of Jesus; His actual life and teachings. We need each of your help now each month as this is a huge undertaking and will take from six to eight months to write.  Will you please help sustain this?