Jesus Final Warnings, Arrest and Crucifixion


Jesus Final Warnings, Arrest and Crucifixion

If man cannot otherwise appreciate Jesus and understand the meaning of his bestowal on earth, he can at least comprehend the fellowship of his mortal sufferings. No man can ever fear that the Creator does not know the nature or extent of his temporal afflictions.

We know that the death on the cross was not to effect man’s reconciliation to God but to stimulate man’s realization of the Father’s eternal love and his Son’s unending mercy, and to broadcast these universal truths to a whole universe. . . .
Final Admonitions and Warnings
Last Words of Comfort

Farewell Personal Admonitions
In Gethsemane
The Last Group Prayer
Last Hour Before the Betrayal

Alone in Gethsemane
The Betrayal and Arrest of Jesus
The Father’s Will
Judas in the City
The Master’s Arrest
Discussion at the Olive Press

On the Way to the High Priest’s Place
Before the Sanhedrin Court
Examination by Annas
Peter in the Courtyard3.
Before the Court of Sanhedrists
The Hour of Humiliation

The Second Meeting of the Court
The Trial before Pilate
Pontius Pilate
Jesus Appears before Pilate
The Private Examination by Pilate
Jesus before Herod
Jesus Returns to Pilate
Pilate’s Last Appeal
Pilate’s Last Interview

Pilate’s Tragic Surrender
Just Before the Crucifixion
The End of Judas Iscariot
The Master’s Attitude
The Dependable David Zebedee
Preparation for the Crucifixion

Jesus’ Death in Relation to the Passover
The Crucifixion
On the Way to Golgotha
The Crucifixion
Those Who Saw the Crucifixion
The Thief on the Cross
Last Hour on the Cross

After the Crucifixion
The Time of the Tomb
The Burial of Jesus
Safeguarding the Tomb
During the Sabbath Day
Meaning of the Death on the Cross
Lessons from the Cross